Membership Benefits

● Storefront with B2B and B2C payment processing.

● Ultra BMS Inventory Management App – IRS and State compliant inventory management software. Compatible with Android, Apple, MAC iOS, Web Browser and Microsoft Windows.

● 10% Discount on Magazine advertisements – CannaBiz, Grow Magazine.

● 15% discount on all CannaBox Container Grow Box and Curing Box

● 10% Discount on all Grow Soils/nutrients etc.,

● 15% discount for Health Care Counseling – Questions about specific conditions are received and assigned to an appropriate counselor.

● 15% Discount on Ask Grow answers – Published in Grow Magazine,

● 15% Discount for Ask Hemp

● 15% Discount for Ask Compliance

● FTC apparel will be customized for each jurisdiction as each state comes on to the FTC website. These will be drop shipped with a 40-60 split.

● NO DISCOUNTS on Banking Services; Banking services for any, dispensary, producer, extractor etc.,

Membership Agreement

Fair Trade, LLC, Dba Fair Trade Cannabis (FTC), & Oregon Fair Trade Cannabis is an Oregon Limited Liability Company registered in the State of Oregon. FTC extends this invitation with the opportunity to participate in a Network of vetted integrated business services with like-minded Hemp and Cannabis professionals. FTC itself does not deal in the “molecule” per se, rather, it provides an online E-commerce site for members to trade with each other, sell goods and services to the general public, buy vetted cannabis /hemp related items, buy /sell services, all from an online /in-phone app from anywhere in the world there is connectivity.

1. Enrollment Fee

FTC supports its members ecosystem through its online E-Commerce site through which members discover each other, engage in trade, and obtain critical support, news, healthcare advice/treatment, and banking services for a monthly price of $5, $50, $100, $250 or $500 depending upon business type, service level or simply as an individual, wanting to be part of a global FAIR TRADE CANNABIS movement. Fees paid annually in advance provides full access for one year from purchase. FTC will not assume any liabilities of its Members or Member Companies and all are mutually indemnified and held harmless. All transactions are between member parties and executed through the website.

1 – $4.20/mo $50/year – Sustaining Individual / Family
2 – $50/$600 – Business – Industry Service Provider – Producers, Labs, Wholesalers, Processors,
3 – $150/$1,800 – Associations – Oregon Retainers, Ethical Edibles, Umqua Growers Association
4 – $250/$3,000 – Affiliates – Vendors Selling on Website – CannaBox, Eden-shield, Grow Supplies
5 – $500/$6,000 – Group/Industry Associations – New Frontier Data, NCIA, IBEW

2. Definitive Agreement

Conditions apply for Green-Link Financial Banking services and Commercial Loans. Purchases of drop ship items, CannaBox, Eden-Shield, Grow services, FTC apparel T&C’s are between vendor and customer. Other perks for members are for a 10% advertising discount in Grow Magazine. Therefore, The functionality and assignments of “tasks” of FTC will be subject to negotiation and execution of a definitive transactions documents ala operating agreements. These agreements are intended to set expectations and deliverables that will include, among other things, customary representations, warranties, covenants, indemnities and Statement of Work, by the operating Partnerships and their Principles.

3. Closing date

The parties acknowledge that time is of the essence and that they will work toward closing follow-on definitive agreements as quickly as possible. “Dues” paid to FTC finance support of Members obtaining maximum value from the Site.

4. Conditions to Closing

The Consummation of the Transaction will be subject to the satisfaction of customary conditions, including, without limitation, the following:

● Business information for Membership, or an individuals information (for an individual’s membership), or Member wishes FTC to assist in creating a business entity.

● Sign “FTC Mission Statement Agreement”, And Maintenance of the Members good standing within the FTC global Community.

● The Member applicant is not seeking or requesting any type of illegal activity or bankruptcy protection.

5. Binding, Non-Binding Agreement

This letter is binding and constitutes an agreement for FTC membership, including the payment of “Dues”. Any legally binding obligations with respect to the contemplated transaction will only arise through the first years dues and the initial analysis. ALL follow-on definitive agreements and related operating agreements are separate proposals.


If the following is satisfactory, please indicate your agreement by proceeding with membership purchase at checkout. We look forward to proceeding together, with other individuals, and industry professionals worldwide.

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