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Grow Magazine

“On stands now! Harvest 2018 is huge with original content and high resolution pictures! Join us as we tour grow facilities across the nation, sit in on exclusive interviews, Ask Ed®, the Guru of Ganja question and answer section and more! Our new Breeder’s Showcase shines the light on Jinxproof and his quest for autism awareness. Check out the Green Leaf Lab analysis on premier cultivars and crosses in Grow Chronicles – a gallery of the ready to harvest flower and dried nugs – which is unlike any other! Not only do we highlight the strain in beautiful high resolution macro shots, we highlight the grower that grew that particular flower- showing what they can do with a chosen cultivar. Also check out our Essential Products and get the latest reviews on harvesting equipment and accessories.”

Oregon Cannabis Connection

“ is the official website for Oregon Cannabis Connection, a Oregon based online cannabis news source. We strive to cover interesting stories without the typical counter-culture. OCC is about news and information, not culture. Our website provides information that allows us to keep Oregonians and others updated on the constantly changing climate surrounding cannabis.”