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Why do we call ourselves a "Just" company?
Here's a few reasons. Click to read the full story.

Producing Quality Goods

This industry requires high standards! We encourage our members to rise up to the challenge. We hope you will join our dedicated family and help keep this industry moving in the right direction.

Community Support

Our communities are are very important to us as business owners. We must support our local neighborhoods, our employees, our customers along the way and urge others to do the same.

Ethical & Diverse Leadership

Treating the environment with respect. Opening the playing field for ALL. This means investing green & supporting those that have been affected negatively. Help right the wrongs from the past.

Why Fair Trade Cannabis and Why Now?

David A. Dawson, Author of the Book The History Of Cannabis As Medicine is the Chief Science Officer for Fair Trade Cannabis, LLC, an Oregon Based B2B Company website www.fairtradecannabis.net a global site, offering vetted goods and services, all over the world.

Medical Cannabis is legal now in 40 states and the District of Columbia (all of Canada). So what do you do now? What conditions are helped by medical cannabis? How do you take it? What strains do you choose? How do you know how much to take? Medical Cannabis The Definitive Guide covers all those questions and many more. Beginning with the history of cannabis through to the political future of medicinal cannabis in the United States, the topics covered give an in depth explanation of cannabis as medicine. The History Of Cannabis As Medicine Classifying Cannabis and a Holistic Perspective Of Why Medical Cannabis Works A Bio molecular Perspective of How Medicinal Cannabis Works

The Endocannabinoid System and its Relationship to Dosing with Cannabis Using Cannabis Strain Fingerprints to Target Specific Medical Conditions Methods of Ingestion of Medicinal Cannabis Specific Medical Conditions and Their Treatment with Medicinal Cannabis The Political Future of Medical Cannabis The author is a medical cannabis patient and holds undergraduate and advanced degrees in molecular biology and science education. Additionally, David completed his PhD dissertation.

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